AC Circuit Breaker

AC Circuit Breaker In the normal operation of the system, it can cut and switch on the circuit and various electrical equipment unloaded and loaded current; When the system fails, it and the relay protection cooperate, can quickly cut off the fault current, in order to prevent expanding the scope of the accident
AC-MCB Series-2P

FEEO FPVM series of DC Moulded Case Circuit Breaker(DC MCCB) is designed for solar system with bigger current and higher breaking capacity. Rated current of 2Poles contains 100A,125A,200A,250A. Rated voltage of 2Poles is 550VDC。

AC MCB series

FEEO AC MCB(Mini Circuit Breaker),FE7 series 2P 230V/240VAC 16A 20A 32A 40A 63A is design for house using. High Breaking Capacity:10KA with CE certification makes it more safety.

AC Mini Circuit Breaker series

FE-125 high breaking capacity circuit breaker is used for AC 50/60HZ, single-people 230V or two, three, four-pole 415V circuit for protecting the circuit that overload and short circuit may take place.

AC MCCB Series

FEEO AC MCCB(Moulded Case Circuit Breaker) FEM1 series 3P 400V/415V/690VAC 100A 125A 250A 400A 630A 800A 1250A is designed as a main breaker with higher breaking capacity and better arcing extinction.

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