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DC Combiner Box 6 inputs 2 output 1000V

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DC Combiner Box 6 inputs 2 output 1000V

solar combniner box for pv 6 in 2out
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In the solar photovoltaic power generation system, in order to reduce the connection between the solar PV array and the inverter, improve the reliability of the system, and facilitate the installation and maintenance of the system, it is generally necessary to add a combiner box between the PV module and the inverter.

FSCB-pv6 / 2 PV combiner box is suitable for inverters with maximum input voltage of DC1000V, 6 PV input channels, 2 output channels and 2 MPPT. The box is made of

It is made of PVC engineering materials, with fire resistance, flame retardant, temperature rise, impact resistance, UV resistance and other tests, and the protection grade reaches IP66. The product is designed and configured in strict accordance with the requirements of "technical specification for photovoltaic confluence equipment" CGC / GF 037:2014, so as to provide users with a safe, concise, beautiful and applicable photovoltaic system product.

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